Saturday, December 7, 2013

Backwards.../ Para atrás...

In January I declared that this year was going to be a year TO EXPLORE! I took it so literally that I had not posted a single drawing since then. Why? I was busy experimenting, experiencing and exploring what's out there, outside of this box. It has been an amazing year, full of ups and downs, more ups than downs, thankfully!!! I'll start posting drawings backwards and hopefully I'll have some of my 2013's drawings up in the blog before the year ends, so we start 2014 with a new canvas, new challenges, new corners to explore!

The following portraits were done while attending Awesomeness Fest, in Punta Cana, Nov 6-11, 2013. I would like to be able to express in my own words what is it about and my experience at this event, but I am afraid I'll fall short, but if your are curious you can always check out their site: (I'm sure you'll love it and might want to sign up for next year AFest) All I can add is: imagine the magic produced when you put together visionaries, futurists, artists, personal growth gurus, entrepreneurs,  an "open to receive and give" mentality and a lot, a lot, a lot of partying. Yes, just imagine that!!!!...

En enero pasado declaré que sería el año de EXPLORAR. Tomé la declaración tan literalmente que ni siquiera he pasado por aquí a publicar un solo dibujo. ¿Por que? He estado ocupada, experimentando, creando experiencias y explorando lo que hay allí fuera, lejos de esta caja. Ha sido un año espectacular, lleno de altas y bajas, más altas, a Dios gracias. Comenzaré a publicar algunos de los dibujos del 2013, yendo hacia atrás, esperando terminar antes de que termine le 2013. Así iniciamos el 2014 con un canvas nuevo, nuevos retos, nuevos rincones para explorar.

Los siguientes retratos fueron realizados en el Awesomeness Fest, en Punta Cana, Nov 6-11, 2013. Quisiera poder explicar con palabras propias de que trata y que experimenté en el AFest, pero me quedaría corta, si te da curiosidad saber que es, puedes visitar su página web y verlo por tu mismo: (Se que te encantará y quien sabe, quizás termines aplicando para el próximo AFest). Lo único que puedo agregar es: imagina a visionarios, futuristas, artistas, expertos en el área del crecimiento personal, emprendedores, una mentalidad de "dar y recibir", y mucha, mucha, pero que mucha fiesta. ¡Eso… imagínalo!

These are just a few… / Esto son solo algunos…

Lesson learned: "Dream Big and your problems become small. Let's Do Epic Shit!" -V.L.

Lesson Learned: "All planning is against God" from a Course of Miracles.

Neil Patel: Co-Founder of KISSmetrics
Lesson learned: "Time isn't on your side. Execute fast." -N.P.

Lesson Learned: "It is ok to be Unpopular, build a brand that you love 
and will be loved by the people who matter the most". -E.N.

Lesson learned: "It is in my imperfection that I'm a perfect match for you".

Anousheh Ansari, Astronaut.
Lesson learned: "Dare to dream".

Dr. Fab Mancini, Chiropractor, Author, Speaker.
Lesson learned: "Sometimes, unconventional is the only way to go".

Amazing experience, Awesome People. All of them with a burning desire to make a difference for the better in the world.

Una experiencia fantástica, seres humanos increíbles. Todos con un deseo auténtico de hacer la diferencia en el mundo.

Thanks / Gracias


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